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My name is Brian Gottlieb, President of Silverstone Training.  Before I explain how I will help you, I would like to qualify myself as someone who has been there, and done that. 


I got my first taste of rejection while “selling” pots and pans in the late 1970’s.  I vividly remember carrying my display case, which was the size of a small elephant, to my prospects’ front door, then offering them a spoon ring as a token of my appreciation for being allowed in their home.


I have been stood up, kicked out, hugged, laughed at, applauded, barked at, embarrassed, and screamed at.  I have been offered dinner, coffee, water, and even beer!  I laughed at jokes that weren’t funny, listened to stories that I had no interest in, petted animals that scared me, and played with kids that I really wanted to spank.  I have been interrupted by telephones ringing, doors knocking, babies crying, and in-laws visiting. 


I have put on enough miles my vehicle to own stock in Exxon, and I have spilled coffee on my lap while on the way to an appointment.


As for objections, well, you could just imagine that I probably heard them all.


You might have heard the expression, “That which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.” By all rights, I should be Hercules!


The crazy thing is that I still loved to sell!  I also knew there had to be a better way so I turned to the smartest person I knew – my dad.  He told me a story from Aesop’s Fables that went something like this:


The North Wind boasted of great strength.  The Sun argued that there was more power in gentleness. 

They decided to settle the discussion the old fashioned way – through a contest. 

The Wind said, “See that man with the jacket on, walking down the path? Watch me blow his coat off!”  And so the wind blew, harder and harder.  But the harder the wind blew, the more the man clung to his jacket. 

The Sun said, “Here, let me show you.” 

The Sun began to shine a little brighter, and, as the man felt the warmth from the sun, he loosened his jacket. The sun shined even more, and eventually, the man took off his jacket and sat under a tree for shade.

The Sun was quite persuasive, and, with gentleness, he got his way.


And so, that started my journey of changing the way I approached selling.  It is now my passion to show the art of gentleness to you.


The Silverstone Solution will help you close more deals because people love to buy, and with the right tools, they will want to buy from you!


Contact us today, for your Free Feature and Benefit analysis, and I will help you become nothing short of Masterful!


Brian Gottlieb





1. We lost another one to price

2. They are getting other bids

3. They said they needed to think about it

4. They couldn't afford what we offered

5. This is a “next year” project for them

6. I had a nice visit, but I do not have a second appointment

7. The leads are no good right now

8. Our prices are too high

9. There is another decision maker that I didn't know about

10. I left them 15 messages and they haven't called me back

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