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Differentiate Yourself!

How many times have you walked into a store and heard the same sales pitch in the same way from a face that was quickly forgotten?  How long did it take for your attention to wander and the pitch to become just noise?


Such sales presentations fail to differentiate themselves, or set themselves apart, because they don’t focus on what makes their solutions unique.  When the hook becomes just noise, the customer will look to another company to satisfy their needs.


Your company, your product, and your services are different than anyone else’s. Somewhere deep inside the core values of your company lives and breathes a point of differentiation that no other company can compete on.  The true benefits of what you offer within your points of differentiation are at the center of what defines you as an organization, and it is also the area in which you stand alone.


When you differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and I want what you have to offer, the only place I can get it from is YOU.


Contact us today for your Free Feature and Benefit analysis, and we will show you how to differentiate yourself for it will change the way you sell in a masterful way.


"I really think you were an answer to my prayers.  I know that I had a great product, but the system that was in place was confusing and made it really hard to sell.  You have given me great new tools to succeed. Thank you so much for the time, the care, and the practical instruction that you have provided me with.  I am looking forward to a great 2006, and even a better future."

Danny Lee, Designer
The Deck Yard
St. Charles, IL





1. We lost another one to price

2. They are getting other bids

3. They said they needed to think about it

4. They couldn't afford what we offered

5. This is a “next year” project for them

6. I had a nice visit, but I do not have a second appointment

7. The leads are no good right now

8. Our prices are too high

9. There is another decision maker that I didn't know about

10. I left them 15 messages and they haven't called me back

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