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Key Drivers

Key Drivers are motivating factors that heavily influence everyone’s decision-making process.


Are you able to determine the key drivers of your prospect, then based on that information, navigate your way to a Masterful Presentation?


Look around your office or home, and you will find a variety of products that were purchased.  Each product offered a solution to you, in one form or another.  The process of identifying the solution is known as Key Driver Selling.  Take a moment and look at the mouse attached to your computer.  Why did you choose that particular mouse?  Did it come with the computer?  Is it wireless?  What was your single most motivating factor – your key driver in selecting that mouse?  There is no one answer that fits all.  We each have our unique motivating factors and our own individual solutions we need met.


Are you able to identify your prospects’ key drivers in a systematic approach in order to solve their needs?


As you learn to uncover the key drivers in your prospect, with laser-guided focus, your Masterful Presentation is sure to follow!


Contact us today for your Free Feature and Benefit analysis, and we will show you how Key Driver Selling will change the way you sell in a masterful way.




1. We lost another one to price

2. They are getting other bids

3. They said they needed to think about it

4. They couldn't afford what we offered

5. This is a “next year” project for them

6. I had a nice visit, but I do not have a second appointment

7. The leads are no good right now

8. Our prices are too high

9. There is another decision maker that I didn't know about

10. I left them 15 messages and they haven't called me back

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